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Vitalize! Make the web come alive!

What is Vitalize!?

Vitalize! is a very safe web-browser plug in, that allows you to experience rich multimedia applications and action packed games.

Is Vitalize! content safe?
Yes, Vitalize! is 100% safe. There is no possible way a Vitalize! application can tamper with the files on your computer. The Vitalize! application runs completely contained in its own environment.


What browser and operating system does Vitalize! require?

Vitalize! can be used under Internet Explorer 5 and above, Netscape Navigator 6 and above, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, or Mozilla running Windows 98, 98SE, XP, 2000, Vista or 7 operating system.

Any web-browser that conforms to Firefox style plugins or can use an ActiveX control can use Vitalize!. Please contact us if you find a Windows Internet browser that the plugin or ActiveX fails to work and we will look into it.

How to install Vitalize!?

For Internet Explorer:
When you first encounter a Vitalize! application your computer will ask if you would like to install Vitalize!. All you need to do is say yes.

For Firefox and all other browsers:
Download the Vitalize installer
This installer will also allow offline installation of the Internet Explorer ActiveX and the FireFox plugin along with the plugin for the other browsers.

For computers not attached to the internet:

Download this installer - For all web browsers
Copy the file to a portable media storage device and run the installer on the other computers. For example, you could burn the installer to a CD or copy it to a flash drive. Vitalize! content is very highly optimized and will download quickly, even on a dial up internet connections.

After installation:
You may need to restart your browser to enjoy the rich Vitalize! content.

Installation screens:

Click next and its off and running

Special Note:

We DO NOT like spyware/adware or other garbage and refuse to ever put any into our products.

The only thing our installer installs is the files required to run Vitalize!.

100% spyware free -- 100% Adware free -- Only pure Vitalize!.

Additional Extensions:
As new features are added to Vitalize! you may need to download additional extensions. The extensions are 100% safe just like Vitalize itself. The extensions have been checked for user safety by Clickteam.


How can you make your own Vitalize! content?

Vitalize! files can be made with Multimedia Fusion or The Games Factory from Clickteam. Please pick up the demo version of Multimedia Fusion and discover how easy it is.


Tutorials For The Games Factory 2 / Multimedia Fusion 2

Thanks for reading about Vitalize! and we hope you enjoy the software.
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