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by mckenna @ 11 May 2009, 21:41
i love it smile
by Rikus @ 12 May 2009, 04:48
that was fun!
by Andrew LaFontaine @ 12 May 2009, 23:12
Great game, especially since I am the Highest Scorer hemhem
by leonae @ 13 May 2009, 23:35
haha i can only get into the top 100..... angry
by Dark Monk Brennan @ 15 May 2009, 01:28
angryHa Ha Ha Ha this super High score makes me feel like a man. Andrew a want personally say'' You are a loser'' hahahaha and by the way don't even try to beat my score it took 1.23 Hour min. hahahahahahaha
by leonae @ 15 May 2009, 17:03
uggh...and im not even in the top 100 anymore. im not playing it ever again. i hope all the scores get deleted. tongue
by Terri @ 15 May 2009, 20:14
angrySo, this is why your homework is not done!
by Andrew LaFontaine @ 24 May 2009, 23:38
laughingI now hold the record of both Playing Modes. I dare any to stand against me. Lo, surely they will fail. And as for the Dark Monk, I have not only met your challenge, but I have surpassed it, I am above, beyond your score and your so-called skills. I am the man and you are not. Behold how a real man laughs: Mwahahahahahaha. laughing Brennan - crying
by leonae @ 25 May 2009, 19:35
guess what andrew? you said you beat my score.....well guess again buddy! cos you didn't! :] lol.....and real men dont laugh evilly.
by Andrew LaFontaine @ 26 May 2009, 00:59
I haven't beat your score but I will. wink
by leonae @ 28 May 2009, 01:00
no ya wont
by leonae @ 01 Jun 2009, 19:41
okay well....yes you will and yes you did :]
by jim @ 08 Jul 2009, 03:11
Awesome! Best game I ever saw! laughing
by Marman @ 30 Sep 2009, 04:10
I TOATALLY BEAT YOU ANDREW.but my score didnt submit sad crying angry
by Andrew LaFontaine @ 22 Oct 2009, 23:30
Sure you did. I am reminded of the American Philosopher, Simon who said that it is easy to win something if no one's around to see it.
by renee @ 08 Jul 2010, 01:11
this game is awesome!! helps me pass time are all yall doin?
by haha @ 10 Mar 2011, 00:08
omgosh, i got a really good score, but my computer shut down, un expectantly
by weird obnactious person @ 25 Apr 2011, 19:48
hewwo!! tongue i feels very obnouxious...hahahahahaha laughing but why, do i feel that way? wassat ahhh! this gets me very mad!! angry but... when i get mad, i start crying!! cryingmy friends then get me happy again though!! smile smilebye!! wink
by mk @ 29 May 2011, 01:39
its very addictive!!! wink
by mkat:) @ 16 Aug 2011, 21:12
hahaha... i dare anyone who dares to take my daring self jus to TrY To tAkE my best score of 240 on!!!! dare ya. :D
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