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by Sarah @ 23 Jun 2009, 21:15
This is a neat game, Jacob. My clicking skills aren't all that superb, as well as my smarts lol but I'll get the hang of it...... tongue
by MKmonk @ 28 Jun 2009, 04:00
tongueBombs save lives
by JacobB @ 28 Jun 2009, 04:12
GAME TIP: Follow the timing of the blocks rising to avoid clicking on single blocks. Click in areas that will always match even if the area under your mouse rises.
by Stephen Frank @ 29 Jun 2009, 06:34
I can't get the games to play on my computer. It just has "V" in an orange circle symbol.
by JacobB @ 29 Jun 2009, 17:11
Did you install the correct plug-in for your browser? Vitalize! is not compatible with Mac's yet. Go back to the main arcade portal and download and install the link at the top.
by Stephen Frank @ 30 Jun 2009, 04:57
It works on my tower computer that has windows xp and internet explorer 7, but not on my laptop which has vista and i.e. 8
by DMT @ 22 Sep 2009, 01:47
Wow, i'm still in the top 20. wassat
by Jacob B @ 23 Sep 2009, 00:20
Smart Klik wasn't as big of a hit as the rest of the games were. Sadly too, because it was the most fun to make. sad
by BoxyMan @ 24 Nov 2009, 05:58
This game is awesome! I keep clicking on the wrong ones and making it beep at me. laughing
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