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by JacobB @ 08 Nov 2009, 15:26
Game Tip: If you shoot the dead center of the target you get a 250 point bonus!
by W3R3W00F @ 08 Nov 2009, 22:00
High score! laughing Simple game mechanics but still really fun at the same time. Good work!
by leonae @ 24 Nov 2009, 00:10
sorry 3kliksphillip! :| please fergive me!
by JacobB @ 24 Nov 2009, 00:14
That score will be there a while I'm sure. No one plays this game. sad

Oh well, Rodent Rush will make up for it! wink
by leonae @ 24 Nov 2009, 00:16
haha i like this game! idk why you thought i wouldnt!!!! laughing
by Jacob @ 15 Apr 2010, 04:34
I actually have a flash version of this game done, I've just been too lazy to release it.
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