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Welcome to the Live Development Blog!
The Cool Games are at the Arcade!
Current Development: Rodent Rush
All games were safely grown inside of a special digital incubator
A hobbyist game developer's scrapbook.
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Run around and eat cheese, mice love cheese
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Rodent Rush, Mobile
Working on a mobile version of Rodent Rush.

This version will then be ported to flash when it's finished.


Posted on 18 Nov 2010 by JacobB
Where are the Updates!
Most of my newest updates on my progress are now on the new site at

So if you're curious as to what I've been up to check it out over there.

Register an account too, you'll need it to comment and play my games!

Posted on 02 Nov 2010 by JacobB
Tiiiiiiipooooo!!!!!! - Some Screens
If you want to help test you can download the latest Alpha Release at:

And now:

Posted on 01 Oct 2010 by JacobB
Dear Fans ;)
I've currently got two projects on my plate, one of which I haven't worked on at all in the last 6 months. That's because of school and other things that keep getting in my way.

The first project is the last project I started making for the site.
Rodent Rush.

And the other is Tiipotopia which is currently at a standstill until I can get the first dedicated server setup. Also I ran into difficulties with XLua which is the driving force behind the game's backend. The bit that takes care of all the in-game happening from shopping to quests.

Soooo, as a result I've got little to no work done on either, and for that I apologize.

However I'm going to try and dedicate at least an hour a day to all my projects.

So that's a +, right?


PS: is awesome for hosting!

Posted on 25 Sep 2010 by JacobB
I think?

Wait here...I'll be back! laughing

Posted on 08 Sep 2010 by JacobB
The Results are IN!
Remember my Rat Exterminator game I released a couple of weeks ago?

Well it's just about reached the end of it's life cycle, just like all free flash games do, so I thought I'd show the results of this little experiment.

First the hit graph, this is how many times the game was played over time:

As you can see it exponentially increased at the beginning then slowly tapered off over time. There is a slight drop in the hits at the beginning, and I'm not sure what to make of it. The only thing I can think of is the fact that I stopped submitting it to new sites for a while.

Anyway I hope I can do better with my next flash game. "Rodent Rush" should do a lot better since it's going to be an exclusive to SoapCow, but it'll allow players to play the first part of the game on another site before forcing them to come to my site and finish the game. Should bring up the number of visitors to SoapCow.

If you don't already know SoapCow is my new web flash portal. It's just starting out, but it already has a few games.

Check it out at

Posted on 02 Sep 2010 by JacobB
Voting has Begun at IndiePub! Vote for Tiipotopia!
Hey everyone, I've released a proof of concept version of Tiipotopia for all to download and try, but I need some people to vote for it.

Fist Follow this link to get to the indiepub registration page:

Then after you fill out the form and register your account, then login with your new account and vote for Tiipotopia here:

Posted on 03 Aug 2010 by JacobB
New Game Released!
Actually it's a rather old game from 7 years ago, I just updated the graphics and re-released it.

It's an easy to play,
Shoot the nasty rats that are trying to take your cheese >:(

Well actually you're a cat so you don't really care for cheese, but you don't enjoy chasing down those suckers either!

Shoot 'em I say!

Check it out at

Have a Good Day Internet Traveler!

Posted on 03 Aug 2010 by JacobB
Proof Of Concept Released! Secret Game REVELED! ;)

I just wanted to let everyone know that a proof of concept version of my secret project has been released here:

I need everyone to register on IndiePub and give the game a rating and some comments!


Posted on 30 Jul 2010 by JacobB
Time is scarce!
It's been a very busy summer, and although I promised to work on my little mouse game, it never seemed to happen.

Sorry guys.

Will try harder next time for sure!

Posted on 25 Jul 2010 by JacobB

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