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I'm working on something new for the Arcade, and I think people will enjoy this one. I'm experimenting with something that I've never done before, so hopefully I can pull it off! The screenshot is an early version. Happy Summer Days! laughing
Posted on 28 May 2009 by JacobB
by Andrew LaFontaine @ 01 Jun 2009, 14:04
looks interesting, like a game I used to play that came with Windows 9x. If you remember the old games like ski free and pipedream. let me look it up real quick
* Chip's Challenge - a puzzle game where you needed to collect all the chips on each level.
* Dr. Black Jack - a blackjack game tutor
* FreeCell - a solitaire card game that is now bundled with Windows
* Golf - the traditional solitaire variant
* JezzBall - a game of reflexes in which the player had to trap bouncing balls in small boxes
* Pipe Dream - in which the player needed to build a system of interconnected pipes of a certain length
* Rodent's Revenge - in which a mouse needs to trap cats by pushing boxes
* SkiFree - a fairly simplistic skiing game
* Taipei - a version of Mahjong solitaire
* TetraVex - a puzzle game of arranging tiles
* Tetris - the classic game of falling blocks
* TriPeaks - a gambling solitaire card game
* Tut's Tomb - another solitaire card game
minus the card games they're no fun.
by Andrew LaFontaine @ 01 Jun 2009, 14:04
this reminds me of chips challenge by the screen shot, i miss that game.
by leonae @ 01 Jun 2009, 19:39
jacob, you remember those old games that you have on floppy disks? well i found 2 of them the other day.
by Andrew LaFontaine @ 02 Jun 2009, 01:01
i sent you the link to the game in question
by JacobB @ 02 Jun 2009, 06:00
Thanx a lot, I'm going to check it out. I might get some cool ideas from it. smile
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