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Welcome to the Live Development Blog!
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Current Development: Rodent Rush
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New Screeny for the new Unnamed game!
Progress is going well! Almost done with the game mechanics, and the bit rate buffer index table tabulizing tarmick cycle. That might take a couple of days though. Something to tid you over till the games complete. IT WON'T BE LONG NOW! laughing

Oh and one other thing. I'm having a hard time coming up with a name, I was thinking "mousemaze" but that's kinda generic, so if anyone wants to suggest something go right ahead!
Posted on 02 Jun 2009 by JacobB
by Andrew LaFontaine @ 02 Jun 2009, 13:31
how about... I got it. Mouse Maze!!!
by Andrew LaFontaine @ 02 Jun 2009, 13:36
by leonae @ 07 Jun 2009, 00:39
i say "rodent rush" lol...
by Andrew @ 07 Jun 2009, 04:12
Great Idea young lass.
by JacobB @ 08 Jun 2009, 06:40
I quite like "rodent rush!" do I have to pay you if I use it? wink
by leonae @ 09 Jun 2009, 01:14
im not a "young lass". im a young lady. and yeah you have to pay. like....... lets say 5 cents. lol smile
by leonae @ 09 Jun 2009, 01:15
naw you can use will be fun to see that and know that i came up with it. even if no one else knows.
by AssaultAndy @ 09 Jun 2009, 03:14
This looks awesome! I can't wait to play.
by JacobB @ 12 Jun 2009, 19:42
Comments unrelated to the News Post were deleted. Please try to stay on topic.
by leonae @ 13 Jun 2009, 04:42
lol..... tongue
by Andrew @ 13 Jun 2009, 15:14
that is an awesome screen shot though, but it doesn't do the game justice. You should show a screen shot of my level. lol. it is great and Leonae how are you doing today. You're family's doing ok. My favorite color is blue.
by Andrew @ 13 Jun 2009, 15:37
Are you going to post another image jacob? I always like the color white. Just as much if not maybe more.
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