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Welcome to the Live Development Blog!
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Howdy again!
Hey whats up everyone who visits this site!
You might be wondering what this new game has that you haven't already seen.
Sorry to say nothing at all, but it will be completely free to play, so that doesn't matter too much right? laughing

Anyway this weekend I was able to work on some levels for you to run through, and I had a lot of fun doing it. Why? Well because the game has a built-in level builder. All of the levels will be hosted on my server for free, and you can make and submit your own for others to play! Did I mention it's all right in your browser, and it's free?

While you wait for "Rodent Rush" (name pending) you can check out some of my already released games at the Arcade!, yep they're all free too! tongue
Posted on 08 Jun 2009 by JacobB
by Andrew @ 09 Jun 2009, 00:05
that's a great title Jacob. your title is a lot better than the one I came up with. How did you think of Rodent Rush?
by leonae @ 09 Jun 2009, 05:19
by leonae @ 09 Jun 2009, 05:20
wait, no! not "name pending"..... tongue
by Andrew @ 09 Jun 2009, 05:31
that's cool if you like her idea better than mine
by JacobB @ 09 Jun 2009, 22:50
Well I'm still not too keen on any of the names so far. I guess it really depends on the direction I decide to take the game in.

It's more of a puzzle game than anything.
The level designs do not have to include cheese in them at all, and the score is based on how fast you can complete a level.

I've also been thinking of an online mode, but that'll have to wait until I can get a server that can handle it.
by leonae @ 10 Jun 2009, 02:06
whats wrong andrew? jealous? lol...... tongue
by leonae @ 10 Jun 2009, 05:39
haha i like the word keen.....i dunno why though. but yeah if the score is based on how fast you finish, then rodent rush is perfect. idkk... wassat
by Andrew @ 10 Jun 2009, 06:46
For your information. I am quite jealous. I am not to "keen" about Jacob leaning towards your title instead of mine. Besides, your title is too perfect I admit it is better than mine.
by Andrew @ 10 Jun 2009, 06:47
by JacobB @ 10 Jun 2009, 06:54
It's nothing to argue about guys, really it's just a game. laughing

I may not use either of the titles.
by Andrew @ 10 Jun 2009, 14:58
No! NO! It's not just a game. It is either her or I Jacob, you must choose.
by leonae @ 10 Jun 2009, 19:01 tell both of you the truth, i really dont care which one you pick. its not a big deal at all :]
by JacobB @ 10 Jun 2009, 19:31

Back to working on the game.
by Andrew @ 10 Jun 2009, 22:56
that's what I said, it's just a stupid game. Who cares that tens or even hundreds of people or going to see this game. what does it matter if they see my name in the credits and hundreds of people know my name. I don't care. I don't care at all.
by leonae @ 11 Jun 2009, 19:28
no im serious i really dont care.
by Andrew @ 11 Jun 2009, 22:12
Me too. I don't care so much as I mentioned a couple of days ago. He can use yours. It is better than mine.
by nonya @ 17 Jun 2009, 02:05
hey! i like ur games kool ideas! tongue wink
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