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Action Slip?
Someone was looking for my old ActionSlip game the other day. The main reason I took it down is because it's not very compatible with newer computers, thus I didn't want anyone having to go through the pain of it not working. Fear not though, I'm working on a Vitalize! port of the game to soon be in the Arcade. Yep online highscores and everything. Just let me get my mouse game done first!

If you still want to download the old version though you can get it at any of the links below.

Cnet Mirror

Also here is a review of the game I found on some obscure wordpress blog--> here
And another review on the Daily Click --> here
Posted on 12 Jun 2009 by JacobB
by Andrew @ 12 Jun 2009, 17:20
oh cool. Is this the one with the different space ships and upgradeable ammunition. That one just kind of slipped out of existance. Did you finish it?
by JacobB @ 12 Jun 2009, 19:49
Yes the particular version was finished. However I abandoned the 2nd one because I got a lot of negative feedback. I'd rather not make a game that no one would play. smile
by Andrew @ 12 Jun 2009, 20:26
yeah I remember. the upgrades were sour
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