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More useful timestamps!
If anyone has taken a glance at the date that a score was placed you've probably noticed that it was very difficult to determine how long it had been there.

No longer my friends!

I've updated the score boards to display how long ago a score was submitted rather than the exact date. This is not only easier to use, but also more useful as it helps to avoid timezone confusion!

So go place a score and check the recents list. You can now see exactly how long ago a score was posted!

I also want to thank my friend KetchupMaster over on the Clickteam forums for bringing this idea to my attention.
Posted on 01 Dec 2009 by JacobB
by McKenna @ 02 Dec 2009, 22:46
Wow!I am on the dsi right now!I
by Jacobb @ 02 Dec 2009, 22:51
I'm using my iphone!
by mckenna @ 02 Dec 2009, 23:10
cool!but using the dsi is cool-ER!!!mawhhhooowww
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