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Mac users rejoice! Flash is here!

As many of you may very well know, all of my games are created using the development tool Multimedia Fusion by Clickteam

Well in an exciting announcement yesterday Clickteam has released info about a new flash runtime that has been in development for about a year. This is great news for you my loyal game players because this will allow compatibility with more systems, namely mac users.

Also because the Adobe Flash plugin is industry standard I'll be able to advertise my games on internet gaming portals which should drive more traffic to the site! Stay tuned for more info regarding this in the coming weeks! (I hope smile )
Posted on 16 Dec 2009 by JacobB
by Clayton @ 17 Dec 2009, 16:54
Exciting, asn't at? n__n
by JacobB @ 17 Dec 2009, 16:58
by Clayton @ 19 Dec 2009, 16:32
Baha, I just noticed you used the flash image I cut out for TDC's front page. XD
by lasia @ 06 Jan 2010, 14:57
crying right on bra
by liver @ 07 Mar 2010, 03:09
dude you so need to get mac
compatible games lol jk
i understand your circumstance
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