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Remember my Rat Exterminator game I released a couple of weeks ago?

Well it's just about reached the end of it's life cycle, just like all free flash games do, so I thought I'd show the results of this little experiment.

First the hit graph, this is how many times the game was played over time:

As you can see it exponentially increased at the beginning then slowly tapered off over time. There is a slight drop in the hits at the beginning, and I'm not sure what to make of it. The only thing I can think of is the fact that I stopped submitting it to new sites for a while.

Anyway I hope I can do better with my next flash game. "Rodent Rush" should do a lot better since it's going to be an exclusive to SoapCow, but it'll allow players to play the first part of the game on another site before forcing them to come to my site and finish the game. Should bring up the number of visitors to SoapCow.

If you don't already know SoapCow is my new web flash portal. It's just starting out, but it already has a few games.

Check it out at
Posted on 02 Sep 2010 by JacobB
Comments are disabled fam, you have spam bots to thank for that. :P
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