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Posted on 22 Jul 2009 by JacobB
Spawning Game Ideas
Someone asked me where I got my game ideas a few days ago, and I made up something to make it sound complicated and interesting. I thought it was funny that such a question would come up because I didn't think that my ideas were that original to began with. I guess years of playing games, reading books, and eating candy just all added together somehow.

Game ideas for me usually involve thinking about old games I used to play and trying to recreate the technical parts of it. Sometimes I'll see a particular type of game mechanic in another game, and I'll challenge myself to code it. "That Snake Game" and "Smart Klik" are good examples of that.

Posted on 21 Jul 2009 by JacobB
Site Updates, Loading...
Let me direct your attention to the top of the page right after the welcome bar. Do you see it? I've also added links to various sites I like on the left sidebar. These are only a few of the enhancements to be introduced in the near future.

A few other things that have changed about the site are invisible to the average user such as spam prevention in the comments section and email harvester blocking. (check the page source if you're curious) wink

I'm soon going to add a highscore ticker for the arcade on the main page so that you can see the daily highscores and the all time highscores at a glance!

Posted on 21 Jul 2009 by JacobB
Rushing to Finish Rodent Rush!

Sorry I've been pretty much silent for the past week and a half. I'm not completely free to work on website related hobby things all the time.

Rodent Rush (final name) is nearly completed. As soon as I have the final network code in place I'll be contacting my level designers (some of my friends) to start their work.

If you've ever seen those illustrations of a mouse in a little maze in science books when you were a kid, then that should give you an idea of what Rodent Rush will be like. Except there will be more than just simple mazes to complete. The little mousy needs to avoid all sorts of traps such as water, and lava pits;enemies that chase you down;giant red X's that take all of your items;and of course stationary missile launchers!(You know missile launchers aren't actually in the game yet, Imma add them next!) All of this just to collect cheese and get to the exit. Mice love cheese and exits.

Posted on 20 Jul 2009 by JacobB
Bluemoon! Strange first word for an update, no?

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I trying to finish "Rodent Rush!" I just had to post about this though because it caught my eye when I first saw it on forums.

Quote from the Bluemoon site:
"bluemoon is a game development tool for Windows, comprising of a 2D engine, and a IDE and compiler for the bluemoon programming language which is based on Lua and perfect for experts and beginners and experts alike."

SO check it out at!

I won't leave you in the dark about the development of Rodent Rush. Rodent Rush is the largest V! game I've ever made. What with having an online editor and all, security for it has to be extremely tight. The game itself is done. The hardest part is making the server-side stuff, so stay tuned for more on that. (I'm also making levels for it as well, so that something else slowing down the release)

Posted on 20 Jul 2009 by JacobB
As Promised!
A made something to tide everyone over from waiting on "Rodent Rush."

Hopefully it'll do for now until I get more time to work on "Rodent Rush." wink

This is one of those Frantic Click-em-ups. You know, the ones where you have to click on colored blocks over and over?

Enjoy, you can find the new game at the Arcade!

Posted on 23 Jun 2009 by JacobB
JSoft where are you!
If you've noticed that the site has been inactive lately then you should also know that the sinister reason behind this, is the fact that I've been out of town for the last week. I've had no access to the internet as a result. Don't worry I'm not dead. I'll start updates back up full swing as soon as I return. Until then I'll try to put something simple together to tide you over!

Stay cool this summer!

Posted on 21 Jun 2009 by JacobB
Action Slip?
Someone was looking for my old ActionSlip game the other day. The main reason I took it down is because it's not very compatible with newer computers, thus I didn't want anyone having to go through the pain of it not working. Fear not though, I'm working on a Vitalize! port of the game to soon be in the Arcade. Yep online highscores and everything. Just let me get my mouse game done first!

If you still want to download the old version though you can get it at any of the links below.

Cnet Mirror

Also here is a review of the game I found on some obscure wordpress blog--> here
And another review on the Daily Click --> here

Posted on 12 Jun 2009 by JacobB
Howdy again!
Hey whats up everyone who visits this site!
You might be wondering what this new game has that you haven't already seen.
Sorry to say nothing at all, but it will be completely free to play, so that doesn't matter too much right? laughing

Anyway this weekend I was able to work on some levels for you to run through, and I had a lot of fun doing it. Why? Well because the game has a built-in level builder. All of the levels will be hosted on my server for free, and you can make and submit your own for others to play! Did I mention it's all right in your browser, and it's free?

While you wait for "Rodent Rush" (name pending) you can check out some of my already released games at the Arcade!, yep they're all free too! tongue

Posted on 08 Jun 2009 by JacobB
New Screeny for the new Unnamed game!
Progress is going well! Almost done with the game mechanics, and the bit rate buffer index table tabulizing tarmick cycle. That might take a couple of days though. Something to tid you over till the games complete. IT WON'T BE LONG NOW! laughing

Oh and one other thing. I'm having a hard time coming up with a name, I was thinking "mousemaze" but that's kinda generic, so if anyone wants to suggest something go right ahead!

Posted on 02 Jun 2009 by JacobB
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