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Not Stopping Now.
I was planning on making one of those bubble matching, popping, boom, super deluxe type games, but I've changed my mind. I'm going to start working (aka brainstorming) on a new game that relies on rhythm, or something. Those seem to be popular these days and I've never done anything like that yet so! Yepper.

If you want to help me work, ahem, brainstorm on my new game leave a comment, or at least a smile to let me know you care. sad
Posted on 21 May 2009 by JacobB
by SoftWarewolf @ 28 May 2009, 02:32
there u go!
by JacobB @ 28 May 2009, 05:40
by leonae @ 28 May 2009, 20:59
oh jacob. i think he just wanted to let u kno he cared (or she)
by Andrew LaFontaine @ 01 Jun 2009, 14:07
I came up with this game that I want you to make. imagine this game where you are like one of those bugs with a hundred legs, and you have to shoot him and destroy him, but every time you hit him that part turns into an obstacle. i say you should call it, centipede.
by JacobB @ 12 Jun 2009, 19:50
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