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Rodent Rush for iPhone!
Hello again!

I know this site is more or less dead (my fault of course) but I'm going to post this here just in case anyone finds this site by accident! (It happens!)

I've just released my previously Blackberry exclusive game Rodent Rush for the iPhone!

Check out the game's main site here!
Rodent Rush

Poor little Mus the mouse has been abducted by a scientist madman!
Help the little furball through mazes packed with dangerous lava pits,
monstrous beetles, locked passages, magical potions, conveyor belts,
and more on his brave quest for cheese and freedom!

Key features:
* More than 60 levels to beat, with more coming
* Game Center leaderboard support
* Over 30 achievements to earn
* 40+ hats to buy with coins collected in-game
* Purchasable walkthroughs for each level
* Multiple control schemes
* Multiplayer support coming soon

* Hidden Unlockables

Use your magnificent brainpower to guide fluffy buddy safely through the harrowing
mazes and escape that stinky-face bad guy man with the weird hair!

** Hint: Play this game with headphones on and enjoy the awesome music! **

Here are some screenshots for Google to pick up:

Posted on 17 Feb 2013 by JacobB
Comments are disabled fam, you have spam bots to thank for that. :P
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